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Aldea Events Committee (AEC)

The Aldea Events Committee (AEC) is a volunteer committee of Aldea residents chartered to assist the Board of the Homeowners Association (HOA) and the HOA management in the planning of community events. 

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Aldea Outdoors Committee (AOC)

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The Aldea Outdoors Committee acts to advise the Aldea HOA Board and manager on how best to apply permaculture techniques and to propose AOC initiatives. These initiatives would be used as best practice techniques to assist the community in making better use of our limited water supply.

The Committee is composed of interested Aldea residents and is led by a chairperson that is appointed by the Board of Directors.  Each committee member is expected to become knowledgeable about AOC issues through individual study and through information disseminated by committee members, external expert organizations and/or state and local governmental agencies.

One of the Committee’s recent projects, in conjunction with Santa Fe High School woodworking class, was installing 75 nesting bird houses throughout the Aldea community. 

To contact the Aldea Outdoors Committee please email:  


AOC Educational Presentations

The Aldea Outdoors Committee was thrilled to present this highly informative webinar by local gardening expert David Salman who is the owner of Waterwise Gardening and Chief Horticulturist of High Country Gardens. In this webinar, David provides excellent information about how to create beautiful water conserving gardens with plantings that thrive in New Mexico's climate. The presentation below lasts just over an hour and contains a lot of good information about planting in Santa Fe.


Aldea Outdoors Committee Birding Group

Aldea Outdoors Committee Birding Group

The Aldea Birding Group (ABG) is comprised of Aldea residents who share an interest in learning more about birds, especially those that live in or visit Aldea. 

Since 2017 our main focus has been the Juniper Titmouse Nest Box Project, in conjunction with Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s NestWatch program. During breeding season, dedicated volunteers monitor the 70 small nest boxes in our open spaces built for the Juniper Titmouse, Bewick’s Wren and Mountain Chickadee, all declining species. We also have 7 large boxes for the Western Screech-Owl. This major commitment is a significant citizen science project that been praised by Cornell. So far, we have contributed most of the breeding data the lab has on the Juniper Titmouse species. And we have been designated an official NestWatch Chapter, the only one in NM and AZ!

The ABG also maintains a bird list as well as a beautiful Resource Guide designed by Aldea artist Mark Landkamer. In addition to learning more about the birds that we see in our yards and our open spaces, our goals are to improve the habitat within our neighborhood and share information about birding in New Mexico. We occasionally have talks and field trips with experienced birders. 

The ABG is a fun place to learn more about birding and make new friends.  Birders of all levels should feel welcome to participate. Please email to get on our email list. Check out the Aldea Bird List to see the 120 species that have been observed so far in our community! And stay tuned for the newest version of our Resource Guide which is being updated.


Juniper Titmouse, photo by John Duncan, 2018 Aldea yard


Western Screech-Owl, photo by Don Wilson, 2021 Aldea Open Space Nest Box

Aldea Investment Club

The Aldea Investment Club meets each Tuesday morning at 9:30 for about an hour in the Community Center. It is a mostly informal get together of residents to talk about whatever is in the news that week that affects finance.

To contact the Aldea Investment Club please email:


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