Pickleball at Aldea

Throughout the year we continue to play Sunday through Thursday nominally starting at 8 AM during warm weather and as late as 10 AM during cold weather and for about 2 hours we will be at the Aldea tennis court to play pickleball.  On inclement days we might not play at all or move the start time later to accommodate temperature, wind or precipitation.

The Aldea pickleball group plays for fun and is NOT competitive.  We welcome beginners, as well as more experienced players.  If you are looking for a competitive game, there are venues around Santa Fe where you can find that sort of play.  But, here, we're playing just to have fun!!!

If you've never played, now might be the time to give it a try!!  It's a fun easy-to-learn game.  Folks who've played any racket sport usually pick it up easiest, but any sport requiring good eye-hand coordination is a solid starting point.  If enough beginners connect with me, I will set up another beginning pickleball clinic.  I need at least 3 beginners to make that work.

If you're interested, or just want to know the current pickleball play window, please either email artlogancondon@gmail.com or text him at 505-459-8398 to let him know.  Hope to see you there!!!  Bring a chair and anything you need to feel comfortable – water, sunscreen, portable chair  All of the regulars are now FULLY vaccinated and boosted against the corona virus.

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