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Check First

With the change in the seasons, everyone gets anxious to attack the laundry list of home updates they dreamed about during the winter months.

· New flagstone for the patios

· New walls around the property

· New plantings

· Change the stucco color of the house

· Change out windows or doors

· Install Pergolas and much more

All of the above and basically any changes to the outside of your home or your yard need to be approved by the Architectural Review Committee (or ARC). You will find the form on Town Square under “Requests”. If you can’t locate the form, you can get a copy from Tony.

You can also find an approved Plant List in Town Square under “Documents”.

Any changes need to be approved by the ARC before beginning work or you risk having it denied and then dealing with the expense of removing or modifying the change. It is far easier and safer to get the work approved ahead of time.

“Why do you need ARC approval”, you ask?

The ARC was established to implement the community’s Design Code for both new and existing structures within the HOA. The committee is responsible for the regulation of land use, architecture, and environment, which ensures the overall value of our homes and of the community.

Everyone benefits from the ARC as long as everyone abides by the rules.

Before you place that order for trees or patio enhancements, check with the ARC first. You’ll be glad you did.

Thank you.