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We had over 43 participants this year including a handful that decided to sell from the Community Center in the Plaza, including myself.

Yard Sale.jpeg

One of our residents sponsored a fundraiser for Felines and Friends at their home, which we always welcome to help our community to raise money for their favorite non-profit organizations.

Here are some of the random participant comments I received:

“Sale seemed very organized and relaxed. My husband bought our neighbor’s dining room table and I LOVE it! I mostly enjoyed getting to know the neighbors.”

“It was successful – we made $400!”

“The fun part was letting go of our thoughts about what the items were worth (we did not want to store them anymore) and to see people’s smiles when they found something that they really or that connected them with the outdoors. Also savoring the success of our sale in that we sold almost everything.”

“We started setting up at 7 and had people about 7:20. Sold some big things, the garage is cleaned out. Success! Fun thing, I had two boxes of Christmas ornaments and other holiday stuff marked 5 for $1. Kids loved these boxes and there were some great deals there.”

“I had a blast selling my vintage stuff and household items to people who obviously loved my prices. Some of the highlights were a young girl excited to get vintage Corning Ware that reminded her of her past; a lady who bought 3 large vintage Christmas teddy bears for her grand-kids, and; another lady who loved a knitted afghan and held it up to her face. I think I do for the people contact!. And; I also got to finally meet my next-door neighbor’s baby.”

“My next-door neighbor came over to help me for a bit. I could not have done it without her. I was probably most pleased when I counted my profits after everything was cleaned up.”

“I made my first sale at 6:45 am!”

“Thanks to all of the Aldea staff for being so organized to help made a successful sale.”

“A couple of people complimented Aldea on the ‘nice man at the front of the neighborhood passing out maps.’ It was Tony.”


Nancy Geddes - Resident, Producer & Participant