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Asked & Answered - July, 2019



Asked: Cynthia and I are regular Pickleball players at other venues around town and are looking for other Aldea players. I volunteer to coordinate play times since it's much easier to play with 4 rather than 2. How can I help make this happen? Please let me know. The court looks ready to use with a bungee to tug down the net a couple of inches, while we await the adjustable net.

Art Logan-Condon

Answered: There are several ways you can make this happen.

1. Reach out to the Board as you did. We will include your question in the upcoming newsletter along with your contact information if that is okay with you.

2. Signup to or go to and make certain you are on the Aldea de Santa Fe neighborhood tab. Ask folks who might be interested in playing.

3. Contact Pat Hollingsworth. She and her husband, Joe, are from Chicago. I met them at the New Residents social last month. She too is looking Pickleball players. Am not certain but she sounded like a pretty active player. So beware.

Hope this helps, Art. Tony Brown, our On-Site manager, will keep us posted when the new net arrives and when it will be installed.

Note: If other residents are interested in finding out more about Pickleball games, check out this article to find out more or contact Art Logan-Condon.