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Interested in a Community Garden?

Several residents have suggested creating a community garden. With the encouragement of the Board, residents Steve Bernhardt and Molly Mysliwiec have volunteered to pursue this idea to see if there is sufficient interest to go forward.

Tony has identified a good spot off Av. Frijoles on the entrance from the frontage road, away from houses.

  • We will need: permission from the county, since this is designated open space.

  • There is a hydrant, and we could put a meter on it to feed irrigation.

  • We will have to do some leveling, and build raised boxes with mesh barriers on the bottom to prevent access from pack rats or ground squirrels.

  • We would need a fence to keep rabbits out.

The First Step

Our first step is to assess interest. We will need volunteers with follow through, from building through fall cleanup. We imagine constructing the garden this fall and winter and making the first planting next spring. To be successful, we estimate we might need 30 or more individuals to express initial interest.

If you are interested in this project and willing to commit to the work involved, let us know. Click Steve to email him or click Molly.

We will respond to your emails after July 10th.

By Steve Bernhardt and Molly Mysliwiec