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Psssst, Wanna Be a Board Member?

Thinking about serving on the Aldea Board of Directors? 

In July, we will accept applications for two open seats on the HOA Board. Prior to that process, we would like to invite all interested and potential board candidates to participate in an Introduction to Board Service workshop on Thursday, June 13th from 7 to 8 pm at the Aldea Community Center. In this Board 101 session, we will share information on how to be a successful and happy Board member as well as answer your questions about the roles of board members and officers, monthly meetings, time commitments, governing documents, budgets, community operations and whatever else might be on your mind. 

Our community continues to thrive thanks to the work and dedication of past and current board members. We invite you to join them and help to ensure Aldea’s continued future success. To reserve your spot for the June 13th workshop, email Board Secretary, Len Alexander at