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Your Help Wanted & Needed

A striking takeaway from the recent residents’ survey was the strong interest in expanding Aldea’s amenities and activities to enhance vibrancy and diversity. Of course, to accomplish this, the Board will need to rely on YOU, our residents. 

For example, a request was recently made to create a community garden. A resident has stepped forward to form a working group to study the potential and bring recommendations to the Board and community. 

In our view, there are other areas where new committees or working groups could be created to advance your desires, as expressed in the survey. Of course, there are also several existing committees that always welcome and appreciate new volunteers, including: 

  • Events Committee - manages monthly socials and other special events. Meets first Friday of the month at 10:30 am in Com. Ctr. Contact: Marla Goldin, Chair - 

  • Finance Committee - advises Treasurer and Board on community finance issues. Meets quarterly. Contact: Tom Sandberg - 

  • Communications Committee - manages the website and publishes the monthly newsletter. Contact: Sheila Hibbard - 

  • Permaculture Committee - works on open space restoration and habitat projects. Meets monthly on 3rd Tuesday at 6:30 pm in Com. Ctr. Contact: Don Wilson, Chair - 

  • Birding Group - oversees nest box placements, bird surveys and the Bird Park. Meets as called. Contact: 

We hope that you will consider joining a committee or helping to form new ones in the days ahead. Working together we can continue to enhance the overall community and provide new opportunities for engagement and varied activities. And, if you can’t dedicate time to a specific committee, consider adding your name as an occasional volunteer we can call on to help out in busy times. If interested, contact